Milling Technology that puts


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Pioneers of

Multi-Dimensional Milling™

Molecular control over your flour

Intuitive nutrient delivery

Sophisticated modeling to maximize what nutrients are available to you

Granular behavior control

Data based models to control how your flour behaves at each stage – during kneading, resting, cooking, baking



No Bleach

No Additives

  • Avg. TNI 94

    Higher TNI (Total Nutrient-matrix Index) corresponds to higher nutrient content in the flour. Non TWF flours have TNI ~ 50

  • Avg. TDI 83

    Higher TDI (Texture Dispersion Index) means that the flour is more efficient in delivering the nutrients to your body. Non TWF flours have TDI ~60

Unmatched Freshness

Every order is prepared FRESH.

Advanced packaging

High barrier multi-layer packaging ensures that the natural nutrients, freshness and aroma of your flour remain intact

*Available only with Signature Black Bag Packing option

High OIF

All TWF flours have OIF > 85 (Oxidation impact factor)

Higher OIF corresponds to higher nutrient retention in the flour - lower nutrient loss through oxidation.