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Re-imagine flours

We are a technology startup that is obsessed with flours. We are on a relentless pursuit to unlock the true nutrition potential of your rotis and breads.

We are re-imagining a world where your everyday roti and sandwiches have SUPERFOOD potential.

We create with an

Unparalleled attention to detail

We have used data and complex modeling to re-invent every aspect of flours - from grain selection to grinding to logistics.

But our work has only just begun.

Each bag of TWF flour that you get is better than the one before it.

Our Journey


Each flour at TWF starts from the seed up!

Scores of grains are analyzed, tested and tasted.

Only the best grains that meet our standards are selected.

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Protein to starch ratio

Grains that naturally have the right ratio of starch and protein to make rotis/breads softer, fuller and naturally delicious

Right Taste

Rainfall, soil, climate, altitude – all play a role in defining the taste of your roti. We did in-depth study  to choose the right natural climatic conditions for each seed variety

Nutritionally Intact

To bring you the authentic flavor of wheat flour, we select only pure wheat seeds. All our seeds are fully capable of germination, have intact bran and are rich in wheat germ

  • TWF Flours

    Nutrition is the deciding factor.

  • Other Flour Companies

    Cost is the deciding factor

CRB wheat, a culprit behind the smog and pollution engulfing Delhi NCR

12 Nov 17

TWF has decided to take measures to gradually remove CRB-wheat from our supply chain


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